We’ve literally “written the book” on ESOPs in Australia

Remuneration Technologies has decades of experience designing, developing and rolling out cutting-edge employee equity plans for all kinds of Australian businesses – and we’ve put all our consulting expertise in a book.

The Australian ESOP Book is the ultimate reference for ESOPs in this country. It answers all the top questions asked by anyone involved in an ESOP:

  1. Reasons to have an ESOP
  2. Summary of all plans, key features and applications
  3. Market data on ESOP practices
  4. High level accounting treatment
  5. High level tax treatment
  6. High level Corporations Act treatment
  7. Tax advantages including worked demonstrations of comparative tax outcomes
  8. Understanding the differences between ESS and CGT
  9. The biggest challenges to ESOPs, company cost vs employee risk
  10. Discussion of each plan type, including plan types not shown online, including:
    1. Pros vs cons
    2. Summary description
    3. Design features and variables/alternatives (e.g. eligibility, conditions, sourcing of shares, matching, exercise restrictions, disposal restrictions, dividend equivalents, indeterminate structures and funding etc.)
    4. Accounting
    5. Expected company tax
    6. Expected employee tax
    7. Corporations Act compliance and considerations
    8. Comparative financial and numeric modelling across similar alternatives
    9. Conclusions from analysis and what guidance on circumstances the plan works best for
  11. Employee share trusts
  12. Modelling of all plan types across different growth rates
  13. Steps to implementing a successful ESOP
  14. Detailed explanation of the Corporations Act issues
  15. Understanding disclosure requirements, if they apply, and how to address them
  16. Commonly asked questions