Create a workforce truly invested in company performance

Motivate your employees to think like business owners

Use Employee Share Ownership Plans to attract, retain and motivate employees

Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs) are a powerful tool in a world in which it is no longer business as usual. Whether you want to attract and retain skilled workers, create a succession plan for your business, combat the “brain drain,” recognise employee contributions, or need a way to turn your company around through improvements in productivity and morale, an ESOP could be the win-win solution for your company.

What is an ESOP (employee share ownership plan)?

What is an ESOP?

An ESOP is a formal plan that allows employees to purchase shares in the company they work for. Because they then hold a very real stake in its future, employees start to think and act like owners. Companies with ESOPs reap tangible rewards in improved motivation, communication, productivity and profitability.

Motivating your people to peak performance means being able to attract and retain business, increasing your competitive advantage – and even making the difference between success and failure.

Who can benefit from ESOPs?

Who can use ESOPs in Australia?

  • Listed and unlisted companies
  • Companies of any size from start-ups through to ASX 50
  • Australian subsidiaries of international entities and international subsidiaries of Australian entities
  • Private equity and IPO pathways
  • Companies that want to simulate the ESOP/ownership experience but do not want to offer real shares due to dividend, voting and shareholder agreement issues.

The Share Save Plan™

An innovative plan design that overcomes standard ESOP limitations

The Share Save Plan allows employees to buy shares in the company they work for with their pre-tax salary.

Without the barriers of other plans, employees can purchase equity amounts that create a real ownership mindset, while the company enjoys cashflow benefits in its employment costs and increased opportunity for company tax deductions.

Remuneration Technologies – ESOPs for every Australian

About us

Remuneration Technologies is a one-stop ESOP provider, with off-the-shelf, end-to-end ESOP packages, or tailored designs, plan documentation and plan administration.

Executive equity plan requests (long term incentives) are handled by Godfrey Remuneration Group Pty Ltd, a leading independent executive and director remuneration advice firm that provides the consulting and drafting experience behind all of our plans.

Remuneration Technologies holds the IP for the The Share Save Plan™, the gold standard of employee ownership plans.

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What we deliver

Use us as your trusted advisor to understand, choose and implement an ESOP that will benefit both the company and its employees.

  • We provide context and information on:
    • ESOP plan design alternatives
    • Employee share scheme taxing provisions
    • Employee share trust (EST)
    • Corporations Act and other regulatory concerns
  • Recommendations for your specific circumstance
  • Drafting plan documentation
  • Arranging plan administration
  • Obtaining board and shareholder approval
  • Plan implementation and communication
  • Plan support and workshops